Thursday, June 8th 2023

Mario Schmidt

Mario Schmidt


A-level exams at the Luther-Melanchthon-Gymnasium, Lutherstadt Wittenberg

2008 bis 2009

Civilian service at the Klinik Bosse, Lutherstadt Wittenberg

2009 bis 2012

Studies - Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) at the Universität Leipzig

2013 bis 2015

Studies - Master of Science (Chemistry) at the Universität Leipzig
Focus on analytical chemistry, separation and hyphenation techniques, µChip-MS

2014 bis 2016

Postgraduate studies towards a certificate of a skilled chemist of toxicology and environmental protection at the Universität Leipzig

2016 bis 2019

Research projects as graduate student at the University of Alberta towards a M.Sc. degree in chemistry, focus on analytical, environmental chemistry, development and characterization of an automated TD-GC-FID/MS system

since November 2019

PhD student at the Institute of Nutritional Sciences of Jena University „Impact of high pressure processing on lipophilic food ingredients“