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Long Science Night, 22th November 2019

How do old and new apple cultivars differ from each other, and what changes the colour of red cabbage? The practical experiments attracted many visitors.

 Lange Nacht 2019       Lange Nacht 2019

Congratulations to Ahlam Al-Yafeai!

1 April 2019

Ahlam Al-Yafeai


Long Science Night, 24th November 2017

The Institute of Nutrition explains the composition of dyes in leafs, differences between old and new apple cultivars and the pH-dependent change in colour of red cabbage.

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18th International Symposium on Carotenoids, Lucerne, Switzerland, Summer 2017

Our PhD student Ahlam Al-Yafeai presents her research results on investigations of rosehips, and PD Dr. Volker Böhm was awarded a fellow of the International Carotenoid Society.
2017_07_Poster_Luzern_01      2017_07_Poster_Luzern_02      2017_07_Carotenoid_Fellow_VBoehm

Scientific award of APFEL e. V. for master thesis of Carina Holzwarth

Jena, 11th November 2016

APFEL-Preis 2016